Een duik in jouw onderbewustzijn en indi
Verlang jij er naar...

✰ die volgende stap in je proces van ontwaken te nemen?

✰ bepaalde stukken van je leven nu eindelijk onder ogen te zien 

     en erdoor te groeien?

✰ verder te ontwaken en je trilling te verhogen van een 3D

    verhaal naar een 5D verhaal?

✰ die sprong te maken in het nu nog onbekende,

    omdat je voelt dat achter die sluier een wereld vol

    mogelijkheden ligt?

✰ jezelf te herinneren wie je werkelijk bent? 

✰ je gaven te omarmen en in je kracht te leren staan?

✰ oprechte vrijheid te ontdekken en pure liefde te ervaren?

✰ niet langer alleen jouw pad te bewandelen maar

    je eindelijk te laten dragen, spiegelen en


✰ je fysieke - mentale & emotionele blokkades nu eindelijk te


✰ te kiezen voor energie en vanuit het hart, in plaats

    van vanuit het hoofd gekozen inhoud?




Are you ready to let the star that is in you shine again in all its splendor & all the layers of its BEING?

For both your earthly I like to remember your higher self and give them the attention they deserve?

To walk your personal path with the necessary support with an energetic boost ? With the feeling that someone is behind you? And give you a helping hand?

Different packages possible, each time to offer you as much assistance as possible!

Star Healing.png
Unconditional love

Everyone has different reasons why he / she eventually decides to book a healing session with me and that is perfectly fine, because I work holistically , I automatically look at the bigger picture.

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What I eventually learned is that it returns to the same starting point over and over again, namely that unconditional self-love . Hence the creation of the Will I marry me? concept!

People are searching , there is 'something' that has to change, but they don't know how or what.

So I come forward as a guide .



The word healing is often heavily loaded and that is a pity because it certainly does not have to be.

On the contrary, one of the aspects in which a healing really works = with humor & fun! Don't take life TOO seriously!

What I do during this session is to remind you of this! Remembering your inner child, remembering your higher self, remembering the fun in life!

I remind you of the "star" that you really are!

Therefore also the name 'STAR HEALING'

Energetic work



Mainly by taking you into the unknown , inviting you to surrender and trust !

Because no session is the same.


I do this through a combination of Reiki - multidimensional contact - guide - bridge - installation work - etc.

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Very intuitively I go to work with you energetically , I plant the right seeds for your awareness process and I guide you towards your ultimate goal.

So be prepared to open your heart & let your deeper and purest self back into your life!

During a first intro live session I will give you ALL the necessary information , plus answers to your possible questions. In addition, you are given the space to tell something if necessary. Finally, after the session you also get the space to talk.

A remote healing is done as follows. You don't have to visit me specially, as it happens remotely. Energy works infinitely and has no distance, making it ideal to receive your healing.

Once you have booked your healing you will receive an email from me, containing further information, and we will speak one

date and time. All you have to do during the healing is to open yourself up and enjoy !

After the healing I will send you an e-mail again to check how your experience was, I also provide the correct aftercare by means of a small piece of coaching if necessary.

During all healings I work from my multidimensional perspective as STARSEED, the lightbeing that I am.



BONUS I: always available via chat and / or e-mail for all questions. I answer as soon as I can.

BONUS II: free e-book about Reiki (included in the packages, not separately). Please remind me here.

BONUS III: after about 5 session (or at any other time if that feels better) you will receive a personal meditation / message purely addressed to your soul and your personal path. (Please remind me here).

What is your investment?


As you can see I offer some packages . The reason for this is simple and pure! Years of experience have given me the opportunity to analyze and observe the behavioral patterns of our humanity.

Because of this I discovered that for the best result of the healing, repetition is the keyword ! Plus, because it has more commitment , thanks to the repetition and price, the results are also much higher!

If you are interested in a package, send me an email to

  • 1 single session offline: € 122 for 1h30

  • 1 single session online / remote: € 66 for 45 - 50 min.

  • 5 turns package offline: € 555 instead of € 610

    • payment in 2 installments possible € 277 per installment, spread over 3 months

  • 3 turns package online: € 177 instead of € 198