"If you are looking for an investment to make, with minimum risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself! ~ By unknown"!

Whether you go for a personal investment or a professional investment, the courses / training / courses at LevensSter are without doubt a great investment in yourself!

As a trigger and mirror, I challenge you within each training to look deep within yourself, so that you can grow to that next level of your real potential !

Thanks to the combination of experience expert & theoretical additional wisdom, I could not help but in one way or another try to transfer this knowledge to interested parties.

Go in full confidence and surrender , follow the arrow (Pocahontas referral) and sign up immediately!

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" Reiki = life energy , so everyone has what it takes to give Reiki"!

Are you looking for someone who can teach you how to handle this energy in a responsible way?

How can you use this to help yourself and others in their path to personal growth and awareness?

Help yourself and others get back in touch with yourself & help heal the body!

I GUIDE you here in love in <3

Als jouw Reiki master & teacher is het mijn intentie om je op een veilige en verantwoordelijke manier mee te nemen in de Reiki levensfilosofie en energie. 

Je kan bij mij terecht voor Reiki initiaties gebaseerd op de Usuï leer, aangevuld met eigen inzichten en boodschappen.

Wil je graag meer te weten komen over de verschillende graden en werkwijze? 

Klik dan op onderstaande knop. Ik heb voor de Reiki initiaties namelijk een aparte pagina gecreëerd om je zo veel mogelijk informatie te voorzien op een overzichtelijke wijze. 

Why an online training?


What makes an online training or mastery so much fun is that EVERYTHING learns about a topic of your choice in your own time & space . You don't have to take anyone into account, you can even keep it to yourself, you don't have to travel anywhere and the equipment is accessible everywhere… just perfect !

I personally love this option very much, because I am passionate about personal development ! Thanks to online training, in addition to the live training / courses I follow, I can be extra inspired to even more growth in ALL areas!

Online training makes it possible to learn more about certain subjects at a very accessible and thus lower threshold .

This will be offered first in Dutch and then in English , so that everyone has equal opportunities to fully understand the concept of “unconditional self-love”!

Only YOU are the one standing in your way!
Don't let excuses stand in the way of your happiness and peace!

What can you expect?


It includes a 30 day program that will help you to say YES to yourself! Who helps you remember who you really are & makes you aware of how you can create your life completely yourself!

The program will help you towards a positive mindset and personal transformation!

During these 30 days you will receive an assignment & message every day , which will take you step by step to the YES WORD to yourself!

This in combination with a decisive workbook , which guides you step by step in your process!

Makes it a very powerful online program on the way to that unconditional self-love !

You will also receive a number of BONUS meditations etc. that can support you even further during this process!


- A workbook with assignments & special messages

- Affirmations

- Guided meditations

- Extensive videos

- Q & As

- Someone behind you, your whole process!

- Closed Facebook community with like-minded people so you can take even bigger steps! The strength of a group is not to be underestimated! However, this is an option, only if you need it. No need.


Take advantage of the Early Bird discount now: - € 222 if you sign up before April 10!
Add the discount code I_DO to your shopping cart.

Early Birds: The videos are currently undergoing a major update! They will all be back on it from April!

Also possible to pay in installments! Send an email to info@levensster.com and we will prepare a payment plan together! <3

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for individuals ...

... that searching

... who feel no to the question "Will I marry me?"

... who want an approachable start in their consciousness process

... who are looking for an addition to the process they have already started

... who want to be more positive in life

... who want to learn to see the world in a different way

... who want to learn to put things into perspective

... who want to solve blockades

... who want a transformation in their mindset

... who would like to have a better understanding of the law of attraction

... who want to learn how to better monitor their borders

... who are ready to make their dreams come true and want to be fully inspired

... who want to make the commitment with their own story

... who have had enough of what reality looks like now

... who realize that repetition brings about even better integration

... and much more!

If you recognize yourself in one of the above sentences, this program is without a doubt for you! To be honest, it is something for everyone , which is why I decided to follow my own program (I know this seems crazy!).

The step to your dream life starts now, by simply making the choice and clicking the button below!








Would you rather be guided LIVE by me? Or zoom in even more deeply on your personal story? Then browse through my offer, I have all kinds of ways in which I can guide you to that life you deserve! I do this through STAR TREATMENTS , EVENTS & TRAININGS .


Have fun with your personal journey !!


<3 In light & love <3