Reiki master & teacher

Ga de diepst mogelijke verbinding aan met jezelf, het leven en de bron.

Verspreid het licht en activeer andere lichtwerkers als teacher.


" Reiki = life energy , so everyone has what it takes to give Reiki"!

Are you looking for someone who can teach you how to handle this energy in a responsible way?

How can you use this to help yourself and others in their path to personal growth and awareness?

Help yourself and others get back in touch with yourself & help heal the body!

I GUIDE you here in love in <3

“Deze kracht (Reiki) is ondoorgrondelijk en onmeetbaar en zijnde een universele levenskracht, is die voor de mensheid niet te bevatten. En toch ontvangen alle levende wezens er iedere dag de zegeningen van, of ze nou wakker zijn of slapen.”    Hawayo Takata

It's your calling - it's your time

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“This power (Reiki) is inscrutable and immeasurable and being a universal life force, it is beyond comprehension for humanity. And yet all living beings receive the blessings of it every day, whether they are awake or asleep. ” Hawayo Takata

First degree: what can you expect


A Reiki first degree initiation according to the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition is always spread over 2 days . You will learn more about:
- the history of Reiki
- the basic principles
- the basic hand positions for self-treatment
- treatment to others

- handle energies responsibly

- learn to protect yourself

- learn to rely on intuition

Practice :
- You receive the initiations
- You exchange with others and also practice on yourself.

After completing your first degree, you can give yourself and others Reiki and start learning how to apply Reiki in your own life on a regular basis.

It is expected that you will integrate for 21 days and that we will meet again afterwards, on the one hand to discuss a bit and on the other to practice again.

Influence on your life

When you learn to work with the Reiki energy, this has an influence on your life, because you open yourself up to energetic growth!

This course is ideal for people who:

- seeking

- want to boost their own awareness process

- find a guide

- want to learn to heal themselves and others thanks to a powerful technique

- want a deeper connection with themselves and everything around them

- ...



Your contribution for participating in the 2 days is € 250 .

For the return day I ask € 15 pp if we arrange half a day and purely a follow-up discussion, for a whole day where there is still something to be practiced in the afternoon, I ask € 30 pp (we discuss this in group).

The next first degree initiation will take place on .... Place depends on number of participants. Be sure to pass on your interest, as I can keep you informed that way.

Would you like to participate but you can't get the next date, or is there no planned date yet? Please take contact , then we plan something.

Once a quarter, I will provide extra practice moments if interested. How and the investment I will determine.

Riri Starseed is a Reiki master within the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.


My own experience after my first Reiki initiation:

'When I was 16 years old I first came into contact with Reiki and noticed that this immediately appealed to me. Since then I have been going to Reiki at regular intervals, because this has long been the only method that gave me the most relief for the physical pains I had to experience.

As I got older, an initiation started to lure me more and more, but it took a while before I actually dared to take that step (subconscious fears did hold me back, out of fear of the unknown).

Glad that I finally took the step in April 2016 to go for it.

It is true that not much later after my first initiation, Life Star was born.

Now I understand even better the power that lies behind this beautiful energy. As a main goal it should support you, nudge you in the right direction or clear the path.

My gratitude cannot simply be expressed in words! And that's why I try to share it with every customer who crosses my path! '

Mijn eigen ervaring na mijn master reiki inwijding

Nadat ik regelmatig de vraag kreeg of ik zelf geen opleidingen gaf, volgde ik deze signalen en behaalde ik mijn master graad in 2018.

Sindsdien is mijn persoonlijke bewustwording dubbel zo snel beginnen gaan en is de ene droom na de andere werkelijkheid geworden, omdat ik plots een dieper begrip had van hoe het universum in elkaar zit en wat voor prachtige lessen het ons voorschotelt.

Daarbij komt dat ik tijdens de opleidingen die ik gaf, ook steeds weer dieper die connectie ben gaan voelen (en nog steeds). Iedere keer wordt ik namelijk terug herinnert aan alles waar Reiki voor staat. Door zelf als teacher aan de slag te gaan, is mijn hartchakra zich gaan verbinden met de bron van moeder aarde en de bron van het hogere. Als teacher heb ik namelijk een hogere verantwoordelijkheid en deze neem ik zeer serieus, daarom dat ik alleen maar kwalitatieve opleidingen creëer!

Deze sprong tot het volledig toestaan van de Reiki energie, is één van de beste sprongen die ik kon maken!

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Pieter-Jan De Clercq
Pieter-Jan De Clercq